Mastering IT Trends - for Executives

Your management committee and the board of directors form a stellar combination of leaders, strategic minds and visionaries. Together you read and influence the market like no one else and a strong organization holds your back and establishes the changes you thrive.

The speed and quality your company is able to adopt to changes is more than ever linked to the success of IT projects. As Stakeholders of IT projects, we all know just some of many factors that lead to success, delays or even failure of a well-planned project.

The going gets tougher

As if IT projects are not fragile enough, your IT departments asks for more budget to move everything to the cloud. Your competitor just announced a big investment in Blockchain and your former college from the university told you, that IOT will be the next thing! The project status report shows a delay and one of the board members is asking why no one was considering using Big Data. How do you master this situation?

"We told the manager we added Big Data in our project. We got more budget, and we didn’t change a thing."

How can you help your company the most?

Sure - you do not need the details of IOT. However, you need to remain on top of things! And that includes confidence in handling IT trends. With the right tooling you understand, categorize and estimate the impact of new IT trends for your company. The comfort of mastering IT trends and the ability to distinguish trends and actual technologies keeps you able to focus on the task at hand to improve your business.

After this course

you will be able to

  • challenge uprising IT trends in the context of your company
  • stand your ground if someone challenges your project by adding more buzzwords to the argument
  • map new IT trends to existing technologies and methodology
  • gain respect from your peers and subject matter experts by asking the right questions